SOS detox for heavy nights

Before Covid-19, face masks and social distancing changed our lifestyle, people used to socialize more often than now, at least face to face. Friday drinks with colleagues from work or with friends, company dinners, work mates’ birthday parties, Christmas events, San Valentine or just simply a precious bank holiday were an opportunity, for most to let their hair down. The “next day symptoms”: hangover and feeling totally wasted.

Fortunately, the pandemic has driven most people to a self-detox program. With bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs closed and without going out, many people have voluntarily given up on alcohol, smoking and drugs. Yes, many of them did, but unfortunately some others clearly didn’t or they got even worse.

Wine display
A wine display at Whole Foods Market Kensington store

An emergency treatment for heavy nights or, as I like to call it SOS detox, may help people recover faster from the “next day symptoms”. I have been recommending this quick detox to some of my clients and their feedback has always been positive. Please, don’t be fooled by hundreds of expensive detox programs that are out there. Don’t waste your money, most of them don’t work. A proper body detoxification needs an exhaustive study of each person, under a professional supervision. It is a biologically complex process which can’t be fixed with just a pill. And of course, the SOS plan won’t provide any benefits if someone intends to get the same results after drinking heavily every single day. The SOS detox is just an occasional emergency tool, to repair and nourish your body after an occasional naughty night.

I learnt this detox plan from one of my teachers at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, while I was studying. She put together all necessary evidence to convince me that it may work. As you can see above, I don’t believe much in easy and trending detoxification programs, funded and promoted by some celebrities. I don’ trust all these “fabulous” plans when they appear in the mass media, upon payment, praising excellent results for health.

Why SOS detox works?

The SOS detox is simply straightforward, affordable and realistic. The treatment contains 3 simple steps. The first one may take a bit longer to prepare it, but it is pretty easy and quick.

The second and the third step are even easier. You just need to walk into a health store and buy some general supplements.

Step 1. Drink a special “SOS drink”, one strong mug of dandelion and as much lemon water as you can.

The preparation for SOS drinks doesn’t take too much time. It contains 50ml aloe vera juice. If the juice is concentrated, dilute it as indicated and drink 50ml. Add 5 drops of propolis tincture and 2 drops of grapefruit seed extract. Combine these three ingredients with water or with fresh fruit juice, made at home.

Aloe vera propolis grafefruit
Ingredients for SOS drink: aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract and propolis

Step 2. Take a strong vitamin B complex, containing up to 100mg of major B vitamins, one general multivitamin and at least 1000 mg vitamin C.

Vitamin C and B
Different vitamin B complex and vitamin C forms and brands

Step 3. Take a probiotic regularly, containing acidophilus and bifidus strains.

Some popular probiotics brands easily found in health stores

Understanding SOS ingredients…

As alcohol intake depletes many vitamins and minerals in the body, a good multivitamin, a strong B complex and vitamin C are crucial for relief of hangover symptoms. Toxic alcohol targets and first expels all vitamins B and C. In case of probiotics, it happens the same, alcohol disrupts the flora environment, causing chaos to the digestive system. So, a decent probiotic will help you quickly restore the gut.

On the other hand, dandelion has gained popularity because it supports liver, by removing toxins from the blood. Alcohol is highly toxic. Aloe vera juice plays a key role in the whole process too. It converts the ingested alcohol into a non-harmful substance and it helps fast digestion. It removes dehydration, headache and dry mouth symptoms. It simultaneously makes people feel calm and steady.

The grapefruit seed extract, fully packed with antioxidants, apart from its anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties, can protect the stomach from damage caused by alcohol. High alcohol consumption compromises immunity big time. However, propolis is well known for its ability to strengthen the immunity system, especially after a busy night. Finally, water lemon. Simple. It will keep you hydrated.

If Covid-19 gives us a break and the life goes back to normal in the near future, you may celebrate going “back to normality” with more beers or glasses of wine than you expect. If that is the case, the SOS detox can help you handle your hangover symptoms the following day. Welcome back to the “new” normality and the old habits!!

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    Nice to know for my next hangover day :-). Hopefully won’t need that quick fix SOS. Thank you x

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