Natural Foods Revolution

What is Natural Foods Revolution (NFR)?

Natural Foods Revolution (NFR) has been born as a movement that aims to help people to be healthier. NFR  teaches consumers to recognize natural unprocessed against processed and especially ultra-processed food. It also want to help the population believe in food as medicine and treatment to prevent chronic Western diseases (obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, stroke, hypertension, cancer…). Finally NFR is ready to declare war on the food industry that, together with governments and food lobbies,  makes the world sicker and unhealthier.

Why Natural Foods Revolution? 

Western countries are experiencing an overload of sick people as a consequence of their unhealthy eating habits. Lack of nutritional education, aggressive publicity campaigns that promote unnatural food and a huge space reduction for natural food in supermarkets are some of harmful ingredients that prevent people from optimizing their health while the others make money of their illness (food industry, pharmaceutical companies…).

Modern history of nutrition has focused its research and studies in understanding calories and nutrients. As a consequence it left aside grading of processed food which could be responsible for many illnesses worldwide. In this scenario, a term “Nutritionism” comes across as a silent and imposed ideology widely used by the food industry over the years. It was coined by an Australian sociologist of science, Gyorgy Scrinis. Later, it was popularized by Michael Pollan, American author and journalist.


Over the years, a large number of studies, countries and organizations have tried to classify food according to its processing grade. One of the most relevant classifications and acknowledged by the World Health Organization is NOVA (a name, not an acronym) that divides food in 4 categories:

1. Unprocessed or minimally processed food. Good for health.

2. Processed culinary ingredients. Good for health.

3. Processed foods. Relatively good for health.

4. Ultra-processed foods. Bad for health.

Natural foods revolution
A fridge in a supermarket with more than 90% of ultra-processed food

When does Natural Foods Revolution start?

 Natural Foods Revolution starts every day, every morning, every afternoon, every evening, every hour, every minute and every second when someone decides to buy natural food and to avoid processed and ultra-processed food.

Where does Natural Foods Revolution happen?

 At home, supermarkets, markets, restaurants, public transport, hospitals, hotels, schools, bars, cinemas… NFR could always be successful everywhere if people refused to buy processed and ultra-processed food and they chose natural unprocessed food.

Who can be a Natural Food revolutionary?


How can Natural Food Revolution can be successful?

Natural Food Revolution can only be successful is everyone goes back to the diet and the lifestyle of their ancestors. Moreover for NFR, it is crucial to understand that food is not just its nutritional content, it is also its degree of processing. However, not all processed food is bad, but if it contains more than 5 ingredients, it will probably not be classified as processed food. More than 5 ingredients in a product will most likely be ultra-unhealthy processed food.

In conclusion, keep simple and remember: more processing, higher risk of being unhealthy. Less processing, lower risk of being unhealthy.


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