Natural Foods Revolution Principles

Understanding Natural Foods Revolution principles:

Avoid in your diet foods containing ingredients that are:

  1. Unfamiliar names (e.g: e-numbers, colouring, sweeteners, additives, preservatives…)
  2. Ultra-processed and processed foods. However, not all processed food can be classified as an unhealthy.
  3. More than 5 ingredients on the products.
  4. Unpronounceable names.
  5. Refined sugars, flours and oils.

Pizza meat feast
Unhealthy and ultra-processed pizza made with more than 40 ingredients.


Pizza label
Pizza made with refined flours, oils, sugars and uncountable preservatives

Include in your diet:

  1. Ordinary, unprocessed and simple foods without label (e.g: strawberries, eggs, lettuce, chicken, fish…)
  2. Maximum 5 ingredients on the label.
  3. Cook your food.
  4. Seasonal.
  5. Variety.

Fresh tuna
Fresh and unprocessed tuna in the middle


Good processed tuna
Good processed tuna. It is just tuna, olive oil and some salt

Why to avoid ultra-processed foods?

  1. Unhealthy and linked with obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, hypertesion, cancer…
  2. Lack of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fibre, antioxidants…
  3. Excessive energy-dense due added sugar, trans fats, colourings…
  4. Extremely palatable and addictive.
  5. Engineered for overcomsuption.

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