Chromium, a possible alternative to diabetes drugs

One of the most common prescribed medication for diabetes Types 2 in UK is metformin. As any drug, it may cause some undesirable and dangerous side effects. However, there is a great mineral that does the same thing like diabetic drugs, it increases sensitivity to insulin, but with no significant downsides. It’s called chromium and insulin cannot work properly without it.

Chromium does two things. Firstly, insulin has to dock onto cells, to open them up, for the next delivery of glucose. Chromium is a part of the docking port, or receptor, for insulin. It also helps stop insulin from being changed in a way that stops it working. Both of these improve your sensitivity to insulin.

Different chromium forms and brands

Today we also know that many of us are deficient in this mineral, which is absolutely essential for good health. In other words, your doctor should really check that you are not chromium deficient, since this alone can cause blood-sugar problems and insulin resistance.


Chromium deficiency can result in a range of symptoms such a low energy, especially in the morning, feeling groggy, craving sweet foods or depression. To consider. The more sugar or refined food someone eats, the more likely someone is deficient in this mineral. It happens because the ultra-processed food hardly has chromium in it, but also because it robs the body of chromium.

Every time when blood sugar goes up, whether due to sugar, stress or a stimulant such coffee or a cigarette, body depletes chromium. The older someone is and more stressed someone is, the lower its levels. So, it seems that there is a great chance for diabetic people to be chromium deficient.


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